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Steel Healing

Since March 2020, Steel Smiling has paid over $400,000 in treatment services for Black community members with no barriers or eligibility requirements other than identifying as Black, African American, and/or of the African Diaspora, and a desire to participate in treatment voluntarily. This incredible accomplishment has been made possible through our Steel Healing program! 


Originally launched as the “Black Mental Health Fund” in 2020, Steel Healing was born in response to increased community demand for mental health services during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the collective outrage sparked by the murder of George Floyd.  

What began as an effort to ensure Black community members had financial access to treatment and other mental health supports during a time of heightened national stress and uncertainty, has grown into a thriving program that supports residents along their respective healing journeys. Steel Smiling honors that every person is unique – with different wants, needs and desires, and that our mental health and wellness resources should reflect that reality. We also recognize that many residents seek additional support in navigating their mental health and wellness – beyond the financial component.


That’s why Steel Healing now has three official pillars to our program: 

Wellness Navigation Services

Steel Smiling offers “matchmaking” support for community members seeking a variety of Black-centric clinicians, therapists and/or other wellness practitioners. 

The Black Mental Health Fund

The Fund contains fundraised resources intended to subsidize and/or cover the cost of mental health treatment for Black residents on a fixed-term basis. Resources are limited as the demand remains high.  


*Accordingly, the Fund “closes” intermittently to replenish and so the Steel team members may activate new resources to serve community members.  

The BMHF is currently paused for replenishment. Check back soon to see when our resources will reopen.

Peer Services

Steel Smiling’s Peer Service offerings make both one-on-one check-ins and access to our community support groups available to residents. Our Peer Services are held communities and led by individuals with lived experience in caring for their own mental health and wellness.   

To connect with the Steel Healing program, please contact our Program Manager for Wellness Service Robin Sheffey at 412-390-5545 (calls are responded to Monday through Friday 8:30 AM- 5:00 PM). All inquiries are responded to within 72 hours.  

**Steel Smiling is a community support program for Black mental health, we are not a clinical or medical service and we do not offer treatment at this time. Steel Smiling is also not an emergency or crisis response provider.  If your inquiry is related to a mental health emergency, we encourage you to call Resolve Crisis Services at 888-796-8226, or text the Crisis Text Line at 741741. 

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