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Beams to Bridges

Beams to Bridges (BTB) provides 50 hours of comprehensive mental health training and education to community members, grounded in: ​

  • Self-care through education, self-exploration, healing and practice, and 

  • Community care through sharing experiences, group support, community conversations, and connections to mental health and wellness providers. 

Training activities include:

Comprehensive mental health education, with topics including: Culture, Identity, and Development, Trauma, Substance use and recovery, Grief and loss, Relationships and conflict, How to find help and treatment, and Mental Health First Aid.

Facilitating supportive mental health conversations, community conversations and mental wellness activities, and practices 

Developing a personal self-care practice.

Meeting local mental health and wellness providers. 

Participants experience diverse training techniques including lectures, large and small group discussions, role-playing activities, journal assignments to meet the following learning objectives: 

Identifying mental health signs and symptoms.

Supporting the mental health needs of others, and themselves

advocating for mental health experiences in their neighborhoods

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